Max Barbaria & DJ Vibe, "Love Your Family" Mixtape

BBBD isn't the place for mixtapes, so consider this a bizarre exception to that unofficial rule.

Max Barbaria is one cool dude. As one of the members of the LOLA New York fashion label collective, he dabbles in his fair share of that world while also working with DJ Vibe on a series of mixtapes that they distribute and sell to various boutiques in and around New York City. The latest mixtape, Love Your Family, is ... eighty minutes of blissed-out glitchy funk, bass-heavy ghetto-tech, Italo-disco, space electro (God, I could bullshit genres all day long), and everything else under the sun. It's a jammer, it's a rager, it's one hell of a ride. I wish I wasn't confined to this stupid work chair, as I would be boogieing all up and down the street. Or something. I'll save it for tonight; this is as good as reason as any to rock out on a Tuesday!

The mix is unique in that it incorporates a whole bunch of original material that Max and DJ Vibe produced on their own. Below is one of those tunes hoested by me and a few zShare lines (my favorite!) Don't kill my bandwidth folks ... only one download per person (grin).

The mixtape is being offered as a super cool package, too ... if you're sick of 256 kbps encoded audio, pick up the special box-set containing the disc, a LOLA T-shirt, and Max & DJ Vibe Wayfayer shades at the LOLA shop (?) -- good deal!

Max Barbaria & DJ Vibe - Love Your Family Mixtape

Daniel Merriweather - Chainsaw (Max Barbaria Remix)
One Republic - Too Late (Max Barbaria Remix)
Max Barbaria - Black Rambo Remix
Team Facelift - Funk In the Trunk (Produced by Max Barbaria)

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