Experimental Dental School

Experimental Dental School (MySpace) is one of the most exciting and stunning bands I've heard in a while. 2008 is going to be great, man.

The Oakland, California trio is far from placeable; they defy classification, although a few things can be safely said about the organ-guitar-vocals group's aesthetic and sonic style. Imagine a more scatterbrained Deerhoof or sharper, higher contrast second-coming of Captain Beefheart. Whatever it is, Experimental Dental School is definitely an art-rock outfit that has somehow slyly released three full-length albums internationally without my knowledge! I feel so left out, so not on top of what's pushing pop music forward.

Experimental Dental School is a group intimately focused on constructing music from the bottom up. There's no predetermined tone or genre that they apply to their songs (I can't imagine these three saying anything like, "I just came up with this great hook -- let's make a song out of it!"), but rather a desire to explore, simultaneously, noise-rock, experimental guitar noodlings, jazzy and spazzy explosions, heavy garage rock (turned upside down, flipped inside out), and percussive foot stompers that all make you want to bounce around a concert venue, bedroom, subway stop, whatever. There's a life and energy behind their work that's rare and jaw-dropping ... but not too severe or unpalatable to turn you off, close your ears.

Buy the older LPs and grab the new full-length, Jane Doe Loves Me, from Cochon Records. Highly, highly recommended. I want this to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for months to come.

Experimental Dental School - Back Porch FLoating

Experimental Dental School - Jane Doe Loves Me

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