New Biker Boy Single

One of BBBD's favorite Swedish record label, Hybris (which has recently united with a few other labels to form The Swedish Model -- check it out!), has a whole bunch of new singles out this month.

My favorite is "March Song" by Biker Boy (MySpace) and the accompanying Kalle J. remix. See, Biker Boy is releasing a new song every month and, predictably naming them, "[Name of the month] Song." Here's what he's got to say about his third attempt at the series:
Enjoy the new floorfiller "March Song"!
Download for free during the first week of March.
The song is also remixed by the genius Kalle J!
Dance, dance, dance.
Enjoy it! A sort of Pet Shop Boys synth-infused mellodramatic pop tune with a great atmospheric vibe and bouncy rhythms.

Biker Boy - March Song

Biker Boy - March Song (Kalle J. Remix)

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