Acid Girls Remix Dizzee Rascal

L.A.'s Acid Girls just sent over a special new remix they recently completed for "Sirens" by U.K. grimy garage artist, Dizzee Rascal. The remix is being considered for the U.S. single release, and I honestly can't see why it won't be selected. But hush -- we can't jinx it! (For some bizarre reason, Maths + English hasn't been released in the States yet -- Def Jux is finally bringing it across the pond on April 29, though.)

It's really strong. A clatter of minimalist, reverberant beats start the rager off; a glitchy, heavy bass line drops in with Dizzee's angsty vocals; an abrasive synth ditty congeals all the turbocharged elements; a siren enters at the climax of the cut and the music recedes. Acid Girls' interpretation of "Sirens" is unique in that it doesn't too openly reject the original material, instead springboarding off it and finding something simultaneously new, unique, and fitting in relation to the first version. How many DJ's can claim such an achievement? The Acid Girls Hear It Too Remix is distinctly their own and perfect for any club ... and most definitely something that Dizzee would be happy to put his name behind. Jam to it, folks!

Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (Acid Girls Can Hear It Too Remix)

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