Hula Hooper

Music Related's Internet imprint label, Creation Centre had a new EP out by the Tokyo unit, Hula Hooper. The free EP (available for download here) is an uplifting yet contemplative and delicately constructed effort that reminds me a little of something that a collaboration between Pizzicato Five, Tujiko Noriko, and Cornelius would have yielded.

Indeed, the duo admit to making "experimental music using max/msp and multiple recordings of voices and just intonation electric gutars. They are influenced by impressionism especially Debussy, contemporary music, jazz, and bossanova." The Good Morning Good Evening EP is a delightful collection of four songs that softly and serenely washes wave upon wave of gentle synth experiments and vocal sketches upon you ... that dazes you with relaxed forays into a sort of math-rock/jazz hybrid ... that puts you to sleep with beautiful Latin-twinged, extra-melodious acoustic tunes.

A lovely release by a fantastic record label. Stream BBBD's favorite tune below and be sure to grab the entire release right here.

Hula Hooper - Light

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
awesome soundscape...