New Motocade, "Soap Opera"

Remember Motocade? If you don't, shame on you since we wrote them up a while back. But that's aside the point: the Auckland, New Zealand garage-rock quartet is back with a new look, a new song, and an overall better style and aesthetic. That's not to say that we weren't digging them before -- of course we liked 'em! -- but when we turned the new track, "Soap Opera," on, we were a little shocked! The brisk three-minute tune sounds like Oasis and the Strokes circa First Impressions of Earth having a baby with the Futureheads. You'll understand what we mean by that once you download the thing!

The music video for "Soap Opera" is also a lot of fun. Tune into it ... looks sort of like what would happen if Cornelius directed a so-hot-right-now Brit-pop band's debut music video.

Motocade - Soap Opera

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