Tartelet Records

The Danish scene is getting huge, right? Ever-evolving, broadening, and maturing, it's the place to be right now if you're creating music in the dance vein of things.

Tartelet Records is a new Danish dance label that was founded by "Fredski (the man behind the greatest Copenhagen parties) and Tomboy (AKA Tomas Barfod, DJ, producer and drummer of Who Made Who, with previous releases on Turbo, Kitsuné , Get Physical, and Gomma)." It shouldn't be too hard to guess what their stuff will sound like (the official release is this week).

Check out the below Tartelet Megamix to get a glimpse into what the label will sound like, broadly speaking, and grab the Tomski & Fredboy Tarteledit of Menu's "Moss Eisley" while you're at it. This stuff is trancey and super minimalist, but has an underlying edge of funk and unusual, organic dance music. It's very rhythmic (what would you expect from a label co-founded by a drummer!?), but melodious and instrumentally complex as well. Really neat stuff. Tartelet is going to get big!

Tartelet Megamix

Menu - Moss Eisley (Tomski & Fredboy Tarteledit)

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Jack said…

does anybody know a recordshop mp3-download-shop which sell this release!??

thanks in advance