Bumblebeez, "Rio" Single

Don't forget about Bumblebeez (MySpace) yet! BBBD is worried that we have taken for granted the awesomeness that was 2007's Prince Umberto & the Sister of Ill after rockin' out to it for a mere fortnight or so. The LP deserves an extra listen (or ten); the hodge-podge of genres within culminate into a boss dance record that's part hip-hop, part raggedy electronic rock a la early Beck, and wholeheartedly party.

I'm writing like one hell of a cheesy fool, though, so I'll cut to the chase.

The Australian band has a single out now for "Rio," one of the best cuts off the record (after "Dr. Love," of course). Below is the original tune and the Crookers remix (as one would guess, it's rad). (Enough with the usual suspects remixing, though -- why can't we get more edits by the likes of Aeroplane or the rest of the Eskimo crew? The remix scene is disgustingly Los Angeles- and New York City-centric. Plus, Crookers already remixed "Dr. Love," anyway. And maybe this is a little too Gameboy/8-bit for me ... )

Anyway -- dig it.

Bumblebeez - Rio (Crookers Bang Remix)

Bumblebeez - Rio

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Anonymous said…
just about worship these fools.