The Victorian English Gentlemens Club Remixed by Nite Cells

BBBD can be disgustingly choosy when it comes to remixes. We want solid edits, uniques mixes, and boss original cuts to fuel each and every one of them, so a cruddy, lazy MSTRKRFT "fix" of some wannabe disco-rock track (making this all up) doesn't fly.

Be assured, then, that Nite Cells is pretty darn good ... and it's not just became they're based out of BBBD's HQ of Los Angeles, too.

The Hollywood DJ duo just remixed "La Mer" by the Welsh agit-pop outfit the Victorian English Gentleman's Club (MySpace). The trio's angular, bombastic, yet soothingly melodious cut was a jaw dropper when we first heard it, and after dozens of spins, it's relentlessly stayed fresh and appealing. The Nite Cells reinterpretation acts as a complete 180, though, integrating heavy, glitchy bass lines where spastic, noodling hooks used to reside and practically eliminating all vocals for a double dose of disco-infused glistens and swirls. To draw a cutesy conclusion, both jams are unique in their own way and we love them the same.

Compare and contrast, folks!

the Victorian English Gentlemens Club - La Mer (Nite Cells Remix)

the Victorian English Gentlemens Club - La Mer

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DJ Hot Tub said…
The Victorians are awesome; my favorite thing I caught at SXSW. Nite Cells have excellent taste!
Grit said…
Truth is I've never heard of either the VEGC or Nite Cells, but I like the original better. Promote your band or any band for free at my blog, please lol, it's for school... thanks!