Dead Leaf Echo

Dead Leaf Echo is a new NYC shoegaze band that, instead of first and foremost listing musical influences on their MySpace page, cites "Nabokov, Camus, and Huxley" as idols. Think of them as a heavy, massively-layered literary version of shoegaze a la Slow Dive.

The trio released an EP in 2006 and just recently came out with a follow-up called Pale Fire (Nabokov alert!) The six-tracks contained are painstakingly dense, meticulously constructed, and mindbendingly ... hypnotic. Washes of guitar eclipse the tracks in noise, only to reemerge as oceanic echoes and swirling, throbbing bass lines. The vocals aren't unlike a super mellow Raveonettes. Oh, and there's a special guest featured on the LP! Ulrich Schnauss! The experimental classicist mixed "Pale Fire." Download it below. Submerge. This is good.

Dead Leaf Echo - Pale Fire (Mixed by Ulrich Schnauss)

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