The Old Believers

A solid press release is a rare thing and Portland-by-way-of-Alaska's the Old Believers have one heck of a one-sheet.

But I assure you, I'm not posting merely because of the awesome newsprint blurb concerning their forthcoming Eight Golden Greats LP I received. The Old Believers are young but sound old. Very old. Their songs endearingly slink by ... a sublime merging of old folk/"good" country circa 1971 and the lyricism of say, Bob Dylan. Well, maybe not Dylan, but certainly in that vein. There's a cutesy component to the duo's stuff, too ... something childish and naive yet wise and aged.

I'm confused yet allured by the contradictions invested in the pair and that's enough for me. Listen to the below tracks and be sure to pick up the full-length when it's out on July 10.

The Old Believers, old souls.

the Old Believers - Granny's Song

the Old Believers - The Trouble I've Met

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Anonymous said…
I'm liking this loads. Good find!
Anonymous said…
digging this. good post nik.