New Powerblytt Release

BBBD's favorite Bergen record label, Powerblytt (MySpace) has a new CD coming out called Powerblytt Myths Volume 1 with "tracks by the Work remixed by Njaal, Oslo-based electro-poppers Frost remixed by Skatebård, Swedish avant-soul poster boy Juvelen remixed by Krazy Fiesta, and one by Bergen's new-kid-on-the-block, Njaal." Sounds good, good, good to us!

The Work -- the owners and operators of Powerblytt and its affiliated club -- were kind enough to send a mini-mix of the compilation our way, so check it out below and be sure to grab the thing when it's out! From the stellar mini-mix, the 12" is bound to be packed with disco-infused ragers, techno-y bangers, Daft Punk-esque guitar jams, and a bit of everything in between.

the Work - Powerblytt Myths Vol. 1 Mini-mix

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
dammit, dude. stop posting good stuff! otherwise i'm going to have to comment on everything and i'll end up looking like all i do all day is read bibabidi, and that'll be bad for my work productivity.

please post some bad music so that i can get back to my day job.
Anonymous said…
Whoa! I'm liking this alot. Thanks for the heads up!
PASTOR said…
a laarge Powerblytt interview here: