DFA Dance Party @ MoMA Mixes Online!

Now this is a treat! DFA DJ'd a dance party at the MoMA in NYC a while back in conjunction with the opening night of Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today. The event was supposed to be really fun (the four DJ sets featured were by Juan Maclean, T&T [Tim Goldsworthy & Tim Sweeney], Holy Ghost!, and Justin Miller & Jacques Renault, after all!), and those of us who didn't attend felt hopelessly left out.

Fortunately, DFA and MoMA has the wherewithal and foresight to record the entire event (about four hours in total), and you can now grab the mixes right here for no charge! Quite a deal. The sets are really good ... exciting doses of funk, soul, disco -- the usual DFA madness -- prolonged for a stunning four hours. Be sure to download the MP3 files.

Buy it at Insound!


Anonymous said…
How can I attend the MoMA parties in New York City?