The Medalist

BBBD has been M.I.A. for -- gasp -- two days ... did you miss your daily dose?

The Medalist is a great Gothenburg quartet that merges the guitar-pop aesthetic that's in vogue right now with this swingy, jazzy, big band vibe, horns and all.

The songs off The Medalist EP are super clean and crisp -- as one would expect from a Swedish pop outfit -- but there's something subtly, subversively different about these guys. A hint of XTC under the surface or Camper van Beethoven or something. Maybe a nod to Rogue Wave. It's hard to place since it's deliberately hidden behind a light and summery Swedish sheen.

Dig the below two tunes and head over to their MySpace page for details on how to order their wares!

the Medalist - Undiscovered Land

the Medalist - From Time to Time

Buy it at Insound!


Nick Fulton said…
Hey dude

I've been digging your blog for ages, I've found more music I like on BiBaBiDi then any other blog.

Any chance of getting a link posted to my blog, Einstein Music Journal?

Keep up the amazing work