Real Ones

As this blog has noted before, the Swedish pop sound has been overtly seeping into other Scandinavian and European countries in a pretty massive way. No longer is the world's best guitar-pop and light Euro-pop originating in Stockholm or Gothenburg. No ... now Finland, Denmark, Norway, and every other nation in that vicinity is duly pumping out stellar pop fodder.

BBBD's most recent find? Real Ones (MySpace), a Bergen-based quintet. The group sounds sort of like Talking Heads circa 1983 with an extra large dose of banjo-driven hillbilly twiddling about. They claim to be a "genuine band," whatever the heck that means.

Apparently these Wilco-esque rockers have gained some pretty substantial notoriety and fame in their homeland, making this post seem all the more futile. So behind, right!? Anyway, just listen to the below two tracks and enjoy them for what they are. BBBD might be a tad slow in this case, but Real Ones are timeless! Enjoy!

Real Ones - Outlaw

Real Ones - Every Dog Has Its Day

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Anonymous said…
another good find. thanks BBBD.