New Tough Alliance Cover

A new wave of success has swept up Sweden's Tough Alliance. After some major, major thumbs up from American music journalists, a triumphant tour through North America, and a killer set at SXSW, the Gothenburg duo is more unstoppable than ever. Ambitions rising higher and higher ...

While there's no new album or EP on the horizon, the pair just released "Neo Violence" as a 7" single in their homeland on their own Sincerely Yours label. Pick the wax up here or high-quality digital files here.

Obviously, the a-side is "Neo Violence," but it's the b-side that BBBD is most interested in. For the flip side, Eric Berglund and Henning Fürst covered the 2006 Swedish chart-topper, "Lucky" by Lucky Twice. Check the music video out here. The original is pretty damn good -- sort of a techno-/Euro-pop equivalent of a Gwen Stefani banger -- but the cover is even better ... an acoustic reinterpretation that incorporates TTA's usual dose of echoey bird calls, reverberant synth beats, vocal samples, and beachy hooks. Get the MP3 below. Be stunned. Again.

the Tough Alliance - Lucky

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