Tek Box

Great ready for some hypnotic and funky turbo-charged Swedish dance music here. I present to you ... Tek Box. Carli and Ivan are from Stockholm, Sweden, but currently reside somewhere in the U.K., most likely London. Their stuff sounds equally in tune with Swedish dance music and British electronic stuff. "Express" and "Move Your Hips" are drawn out, dark, and contemplative melody-driven tracks that also incorporate a uniquely British sharpness and hyperactive energy (you know, like Switch or something).

"Move Your Hips" is a stellar tune that sort of sounds like a re-imagining or reinterpretation of the Tom Tom Club for 2008. With clean and crisp funk guitar and bass lines, slinky synth accents, and chanted vocals, the tune can't help but sound sort of like it's from 1982 (but not in the way that say, Kavinsky "sounds 80s" -- just listen to "Genius of Love" again!)

Pick up the 12" single on which these two cuts appear over at Discogs. Highly recommended.

Tek Box - Move Your Hips

Tek Box - Express

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