Q&A with Kitsuné Music's Founders, Gildas and Masaya

Allow me to point you in the direction of an interview I just completed with Kitsuné Music's founders, Gildas and Masaya:

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What's it like living and working in Paris? From the U.S. standpoint, we assume you're all having parties every night and hosting shows DJ'd by some of the most talented folks in the world. Is this the case? Furthermore, do you think that the copious attention France's music scene has received is a positive or negative thing (personally and otherwise)?

Paris, as you know, is the most beautiful city in the world, so living and working in the city is great. Not so sure about the great parties, but lots of good clubs are working well now here... the attention given to French music is super positive; lots of press and media focus on one movement brings attention and new fans and that’s good for everybody in the music scene here! We'll see [how long that will last]. And while we ourselves are based in France, we feature on our compilation acts from many, many countries.

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