The Chap Prep New LP, Sign to Ghostly International

I hate lengthy headlines, damn it!

The Chap's (MySpace) confoundingly appealing and unorthodox second LP, Ham, is one of those albums that I'll go back to every couple of months in an effort to figure out what the heck is going on. The Chap is undeniably catchy and appealing -- a sort of combination of psych-pop, Stereolab-esque lounge licks, and jazzy, experimental sound experiments -- but also a band that isn't immediately gratifying. They're dense. They take time. You need to listen to their stuff many times, over and over ... and even once they've gotten under your skin, the fact that they're way over your head hasn't been negated.

The London quartet has signed to Ghostly International for its third long-player, Mega Breakfast (another wacky name!) BBBD couldn't be more psyched (about the release first, label signing second). Mega Breakfast is the most sprawling and befuddling release yet ... more genres are touched upon (uh ... do I hear an inkling of metal? A hint of industrial?), lyrics are even hazier, and meanings even more obscure. So ... friggin' ... awesome. Get very pumped for this one. The Chap will not disappoint you.

the Chap - They Have A Name

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Anonymous said…
dude i LOVE the chap.