The Millioners Remix EP

We wrote about the Finnish eletro-pop quartet the Millioners (MySpace) a while back and were getting scared that they'd broken up. Sure enough, they're still together and jamming and just came out with a remix EP, Body Into Use.

The EP features four edits of "Body Into Use," a slinky 80s-infused dance tune that verges on the cheesy but is redeemed with a confidence and super sleek production qualities. Sort of like the Knight Rider of post-punk dance music or something. Whatever, man -- no need to justify why "Body Into Use" is so easy to love and get head-bobbing to.

The Night Version is a modestly altered version of the original ... I'm guessing it's a remix by the band itself. The Rodion Casiocore remix is really easy to fall for ... it sounds like a cut done by some bizarre otherworldly hybrid of Ed Banger and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Listen to 'em both below. Rockin'.

Side note: Weirdest name ever, right? Sounds sort of like "milliner" (a hat maker) and sort of like "millioner" (we all know what that is), but is neither. So weird. I've gotta ask them where they got it.

the Millioners - Body Into Use (Night Version)

the Millioners - Body Into Use (Rodion Casiocore Remix)

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The Lemur said…
Naaah! You were just trying to fool us!
Anonymous said…
Pretty late comment, but might 'millioner' not just be a misspelling of 'millionaire'?