Alibi Tom

Outside of Mando Diao or the Ceasars, Sweden doesn't see much in the way of garage bands. Most stray towards the softer guitar-rock side of the spectrum, which while perfectly fine by BBBD, does lend itself to monotony and blandness eventually. We need some punky, garagey, rocky punch every once in a while to get going!

Gothenburg's Alibi Tom (MySpace) comes as a relief, then. The quintet sounds sort of like the Kinks during their most rambunctious days or Mando Diao during a less loopy and scatterbrained episode. Great vocals, solid drumming, fun lead guitar riffs a la old Libertines, and plenty of tambourine to spice everything up more!

The five-piece has an album, Scrapbook, coming out on the U.K. label, LEON, on May 4. Be sure to pick it up when it's out ... we can hardly imagine it sucking based on the strength of these two tracks.

Alibi Tom - Fire

Alibi Tom - Botanisten

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