It's always the most mysterious and oblique bands that insight the most wonderment and curiosity, and Salem is certainly a band shrouded behind veil upon veil of obscure meaning, darkness, and opacity.

The samples of their material I've heard (you can listen to loads of tunes here and here) don't disappoint, either (you can't be all smoke and mirrors with!) The Chicago/New York City trio is "inspired by black metal, Southern rap, early goth, screw, and juke" -- sounds a little like Crystal Castles, yeah? -- and while they don't necessarily channel any of those styles in particular, it's easy to see how they're inspired by such genres.

The songs are gritty and at times robotic with chaotic beats and warbley synth bass lines. Somehow, the ethereal and absently cold aesthetic conveys tremendous emotion, though ... the tracks sound like bedroom folk recordings from an alternate reality of utter depression and misery. Listen to the songs and you're feel bare; your heart will be exposed and shredded; tears will stream down your face. Be prepared for some brutally expressive songs of utter sadness and alienation. It's all in the empty spaces ...

Salem - Brustreet

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Blogger Grit said...

Almost like a minimalist NIN type of music, with shrill but emotional vocals... pretty cool. I like anything experimental, and this is interesting... I do wish it was more progressive.

My name's Garrett and I just created my first blog, and it would be awesome if you would comment there or add it to some network or something... I would appreciate it, because it's for college and this class is weird lol...

Blogger Grit said...



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