Sad Day for Puppets

If, for some reason, you were asking yourself, "geez, I wonder when another Swedish tune will be posted to BBBD because there just aren't enough of them!" the other day, have no fear -- I've got more swedes for your ears!

Sad Day for Puppets has a strange name, but the HaHa Fonogram roster members (that's right, the same label that brough you Radio LXMBRG) are quite a fantastic indie-pop/shoegaze trio (sextet live), and judging by their debut EP, Just Like a Ghost, they ought to be kept an eye on. The group plays super 90s-leaning guitar-pop infused wall-of-sound stuff that's absolutely a delight. Great vocals, great Edge-like guitar playing (okay, so not all the time and never nearing the same level of cheesiness), and playful, upbeat synth/keyboard hooks.

It's C86 all over again, but with more sophistication, finesse. Check out a few tunes below grab up your own copy of Just Like a Ghost when it's out on April 9!

Sad Day for Puppets - Big Waves

Sad Day for Puppets - Hush

Sad Day for Puppets - Set Alight

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Pierre said…
Holy crap this is good.
Those swedes know how to please.