The Soul of Soulsavers

I've heard Soulsavers' (MySpace) album, It's Not How Far You Fall, It's the Way You Land a few times now as well as their awesome summer mix, Smoking & Drinking On a Tuesday Night several times through now, and I just can't place 'em!

The U.K. duo's sophomore effort features "grunge rock progenitor" Mark Lanegan, and I think that says a lot about the style. It's grungy, gritty, and pretty chaotic, but in this soulful, soothing sort of way. In the noise and saw-tooth vocals there is sense and peace, and maybe a little jazz and funk, too!

The album is being released in the States on October 16, so pick it up! Samples below ...
Soulsavers - Paper Money
Soulsavers - Auzoua Boy

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vocalist Mark Lanegan accompanied by U.K. music sensation Soulsavers offer a masterpiece album. The soul-bearing lyrics and passionte emotion of songs offer a calm before the storm. Rawness and vulnerability at its best. Folk and grunge fused with soul and funk leave listeners in a place of peace and serenity.

Anonymous Ryan W. said...

My SOUL was SAVED all over again listening to this album.

Anonymous Leiah said...

Fuckin luv this album, REVIVAL is my lifestory all sumed up in one song.

Anonymous MUSICHEAD said...

...Wanna see a Revival tonigth...Hell fuckin yeah!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant agree with u more. lanegan is the shit and he proves it here. soulsavers rock hard.


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