Exit Music Chart the Decline of the West

For some reason, Exit Music is really working for me right now ... off-kilter, post-punk atmospheric leanings, slurred vocals and a slow, moody aesthetic; this is what I want to hear right now. It's far from the summery pop I've been ingesting for the past few months, and it's not even what I'd called "fall music" (if such a classification could be made). It's darker, yeah, and beneath the loosely assembled eight tracks from the debut LP, The Decline of the West, there's a dark meticulousness that's heart-wrenching in an enchanting, hard-to-place sort of way.
That makes little sense, I think, but like Edit Music writes, "Sometimes the biggest influences are the hardest to pin down ... This is just how we process our days."

And this is just how I'm processing my days now. Sluggish, yet utterly confusing and perplexing. Soft-spoken yet frustrated and irritable. I love it. I love the extremeness of it all ... the black and white nature of every strained song, the languor that is squeezed into every song.

Exit Music sounds a little bit like old shoe gaze, a little bit like Radiohead, a lot like Galaxy 500 and Low ... you get the idea. Listen to a few tracks below and hunt this album down! Not to be missed ... I'm just at a loss for words now, and can't articulate its awesomeness appropriately.
Exit Music - The Decline of the West
Exit Music - Everybody Row


JAX said…
Ive definately been digging their tunes as well. Im doing a show with them October 11th at the scene bar with China Room and Casxio. You should come out!