New HEALTH Remix

My favorite L.A. band at present -- HEALTH -- just rolled out another remix, this time by Pink Skull, and it's rawkin' to say the least.

HEALTH released their stellar eponymous debut last week (September 18) on Lovepump United Records (one of the greatest small independent labels of this day and age), and with it, a whole slew of remixes. The Crystal Castles one has been around for a bit, but the quartet's augmented the dance-ready material with tracks by Curses!, CFCF, and many, many more (more to come, folks!)

Anyway, the Pink Skull remix is for "Heaven" and is really phenomenal. Dark, ambient dance music, perfect for say, the club night caper or something. I love this "set" of remixes because they all sound like HEALTH but filtered through various DJs' soundboards, computers, and whatnot. Instead of the new tracks sounding like cheap promo fodder for the DJs and remix artists, they truly sound like a genuine hook to get more interested in the noise of HEALTH. Dig it, guys, these four are seminal.

HEALTH - Heaven (Pink Skull Remix)

HEALTH - Heaven