Iceland Airwaves Eruption: Gus Gus

My first encounter with Iceland's Gus Gus (MySpace) was when I impulsively bought one of their albums five or six years ago. I was hooked. The electronic act justifies the persistent existence of techno: they seamlessly meld more generic electro beats, jumpy, warped bass lines, and glitchy minimalist layered melodies with something less rigid and computerized; something soulful, even.

That sort of organic feel that underlines everything Gus Gus does is a tremendous asset, to the say the least, and should be reason enough to keep coming back to them. They're creative guys working in a genre that's unfortunately been extremely tarnished by time.

They'll be at the Iceland Airwaves festival (which runs from October 17 to 21), too ... enjoy this new track, "Moss."

Gus Gus - Moss