Wax & Wane

Wax & Wane (MySpace) is a small, yet incredibly exciting and intriguing international collective that convened in Baltimore (who isn't coming out of that city these days!?) ...
The lo-fi, folk-y three-piece released a debut CD EP, Winter in 2005 and have become surprisingly prolific! Most recently, a 7" and 10" were released by the group (Bay and Desert respectively), and they're pretty wonderful things if you're looking for an excellent soundtrack to the final slow, peaceful, and relaxing weekend days of summer.

Bay was recorded with Karl Blau (and it definitely shines through on all three songs!), while Desert is a solid, confident, tastefully arranged folksy EP that you really all should pick up!

Everything can be found at Wax & Wane's store, but wouldn't you like to hear a couple samples before shelling out a few bucks?
Wax & Wane - Dark Times
Wax & Wane - My Nose