The Dodos: Not Extinct!

The wonderful San Francisco-based experimental folk-pop duo, the Dodos (MySpace) are, fittingly, hitting the road with Akron/Family (tour dates after the jump). These two have been compared to the likes of Animal Collective and other such experimental folk-oriented groups (AKA all groups and musicians from Baltimore).

This is terribly heartwarming stuff, and really, the band puts it best:
Long's psych-folk-pop compositions are smart and tight and melodic and his hammer-handed, fleet-fingered acoustic attack always meets Kroeger's thumps halfway, awkward toe to toe, chin to chin, heat to intensity. And his voice is great. Warm and wobbly and familiar like a brother's or a best friend's.
See? So you really ought to check them out. Imagine a beautiful blending of the Unicorns and Animal Collective or something. They'll melt your hearts, enchant you until you're sick, and practically force you to buy their merchandise and recordings.

the Dodos - Horny Hippies

the Dodos - The Ball

10.10.07 Stanford University/Palo Alto- w/Akron Family
10.11.07 The Independent/San Francisco, CA w/ Akron Family
10.12.07 Troubadour/Los Angeles, CA w/Akron Family
10.13.07 Fernwood/Big Sur, CA w/Akron Family
10.14.07 Crepe Place/Santa Cruz w/ Akron Family
10.18.07 Richards on Richards/Vancouver BC w/Akron Family
10.19.07 Crocodile Cafe/Seattle, WA w/Akron Family
10.20.07 Doug Fir/Portland, OR w/Akron Family


Anonymous said…
hey, great post. the animal collective comparisons are relevant... the stick clicks in the percussion are similar to purple bottle... but the songs are overall extraordinarily different.

here's a video for a song from their new album: