Steve Goldberg Bringin' It Back

I've maintained this stance for a while, and I'm holding to it, but I'm convinced that the Next Thing for pop music will be a reproach to old rock, old soul, old rockabilly, old R&B ... you get the idea. The Beach Boys and the Beatles have, undoubtedly, been influential mainstays, but I think we're going to be hearing more real rock, more proto-punk, more swingy stuff, more stuff like that and less California-centric beach pop and Brit pop.

Steve Goldberg (MySpace) plays pretty traditional pop with a smearing of country twang and what some might call baroque pop or early Psych-pop. Regardless of how you wish to categorize Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies' self-titled debut LP (there was indeed a 2005 EP), the point I'm trying to make is that it sounds old yet still utterly accessible and radio-friendly. I dig it.

Buy the fun album over here. Support Pittsburgh's music scene!
Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies - The Road
Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies - The Spy (Part 1)
Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies - The Spy (Part 2)
Steve Goldberg & the Arch Enemies - Summers Ending


Anonymous said…
I saw them play in CT earlier this summer and was so impressed that I bought their CD which is exellent