Boys Noize @ the Echo Plex, 9.22.07

More on all of this later -- we got some rad photos and plenty more to report -- but I just wanted to briefly mention how killer Boys Noize is. The meek little Berliner caught me totally off guard when he started his set. Never have I seen such a charismatic and energetic DJ. He's jump around, hop up and down with a giddy little grin on his face, and handle the tables as though he was dribbling a ball, leading us -- the uh ... dancing guards -- on with incessant beat after beat, barely noticeable pop hook after hook, mash-up after mash-up, and so much more ...

He kept the party going after the rad Simian Mobile Disco set for nearly two hours, and every minute was worth it. Wow!

Photos after the jump ... remember how killer "&Down" is?

Boys Noize - &Down