Enter Shikari Enters the Scene

Hey, if the late Tony Wilson endorsed 'em, I would find myself between a hard place and a rock to justify not listening to them. Such is the case with Enter Shikari (MySpace), a London-based punk quartet that Wilson hailed as "the most exciting band I've seen since the early Sex Pistols gigs back in '76/'77."


The four guys met in primary school (which I think means kindergarten in the U.K. ... okay, bad joke), and, in 2003, formed Enter Shikari which sounds less like a punk group and more like a death metal band with a fear of thrashing too hard. But I appreciate the dudes' old-fashioned hard-working way of getting attention (unlike the spoiled London bands, Enter Shikari actually hopped in a crummy van and toured the country before being picked up).

So yeah, this post is very much unlike anything I've put up on BiBaBiDi before, but I guess that's the statement. I like where these guys're coming from, and while I'd not listen to this music ever again, to be quite frank, they're contrary to anything else we've got being pumped in our ears now, and that's something.


Anonymous said…
wow i didn't know they met in primary school!