You Could Be ... Torngat

Torngat (MySpace) is what would've happened to the Unicorns had they not split up and turned instrumental. Or maybe the Montreal-based trio -- which really sounds more like a full orchestra than a little band -- could be summed up more accurately as a Bell Orchestre companion. Regardless, the group write phenomenal, terribly intricate orchestral-themed tunes with bold percussion parts, mellow, sophisticated, meek absolutely captivating melodies, and clear and confident horn parts that further foster the beauty so deeply inscribed and ingrained in these songs.

The group just released an LP, You Could Be, on Alien8 Recordings on September 18, and you really ought to pick it up. If the following streaming tracks allure you, buy on that note ... everything's equally wonderful on the album!

"Minute By Minute"

"Mouton Noir"