AutoKratz "Kratz Are People" Mix

Always a pleasure to hear from Kitsune in France. They never have bad, boring, or unwanted news ... if only all mailings could be like theirs ...

They just passed along to me a ridiculously good autoKratz mix, "Kratz Are People." The London-based duo is about to release their incessant debut single for "Reaktor" on Kitsune on September 24, and boy is it bouncin'! I love this new wave of quasi-Yellow Magic Orchestra electronic acts. The precise, rhythmic, uber-filtered, melodic melodies of Y.M.O. have been underappreciated, so while I'm not sure whether or not autoKratz idolizes them, it's hard to note some parallel there. (Same goes to you, Simian Mobile Disco.)

So "Reaktor" is great, as is "It's On," which can be found in the heart of the mix or on the MySpace page. Dig it, folks. Tracklist after the jump ...

autoKratz - Kratz Are People Mix

Bobmo - Home Alone (Institubes)
Justice - Stress (Ed Banger/Because)
Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (autoKratz 80's heartthrob mix) (Kitsune)
Joe And Will Ask? - Gwenbot (White Label)
Whitey - Just Another Animal (1234)
Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery (Instiubes)


Proxy - Destroy (Riot In Belgium Mix) (Turbo)
Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Astralwerks)
utoKratz - It's On (Kitsune)
Zero Cash - Run for Cover (Television Rocks)
Riot In Belgium - La Musique (Relish)
Swen Weber - First Stroke (Craft Music)
Soulwax - Slowdance (PIAS)
John Lennon - Instant Karma