Saturday marked Simian Mobile Disco's first foray to Los Angeles, and it was phenomenal indeed (photos to come!) ... I love those guys. They're older, they're professional, they're all analog, and they just seem pleasantly and fortunately removed from the in-one-day-out-the-next electronic scene of now.

Boys Noize followed SMD with a killer, really lengthy set. He was a more traditional DJ, but an incredibly talented one -- and quite the crowd pleasure -- nonetheless. Also one of the most charismatic DJs I've met ... lots of spinning around, jumping about, looking like a giddy school girl, stage-diving at one point; you get the idea.

So -- my point! It was fitting, then, that I received two tracks from Germany's Choreo (MySpace) the other day. The DJ/producer has that heavy, glitchy style of Boys Noize, Digitalism, or Justice, but with an extra slice of melody or another dash of 80s theme song music or something. I like it quite a bit, although it's certainly nothing new at this point. But hey, any scene that's reached saturation gets copied and reapproached a million times before sputtering out and leaving just a few artists to carry the style out in a tasteful manner.

So check out a couple of his songs ... they're solid tracks, lots of fun, and will certainly be heard on some dance floors in the near future.

Choreo - Neon

Choreo - Cut the Dust