Cagey House

Cagey House (MySpace) is an O.M.D.-esque electronic act that is absolutely enchanting in this sort of industrial, abbrasive way. None of the songs sound like any of the others ... they jump from oriental sort of Y.M.O. early techno to more organic, analog, fuzzy dance music to atmospheric tracks in a heartbeat, but nothing seems out of place. There's an underlying deep darkness to this stuff that's mysterious and a curiosity, to say the least.

You can download the whole new album, Motel City, from the Internet Archives (thank you, Creative Commons!), so that should just be one more reason for you to give these guys some time! Additionally, you can grab some of the older tracks below (all of the previous LPs can be downloaded here here, here, here, and here. What an amazing -- and charitable! -- band!
Cagey House - Elephant Orange
Cagey House - Enter the Beard
Beatitude Glide
Cagey House - Creature Sleep Tight