Junior Senior/Official Crown of Laurel Giveaway!

*This contest is being hosted by Anthem Magazine, but as I write and edit for the publication, I thought it'd be fitting to do a repost here to promote a contest we're having this week (9.17 - 9.21). Enter it here.*

The musical genius of Denmark's Junior Senior (MySpace) and their second LP, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo was overlooked in the U.S. for nearly two years after its otherwise international release! The album is a dazzling, glitzy amalgamation of old skool hip-hop, solid funk, R&B, disco, and pretty much anything else that'll get you moving and shaking, sometimes to an embarrassing extent!

But we're sure you all know that already ... probably heard bits and pieces -- if not all! -- of the album at some point over the last two years! But buy the American release and you'll also get a stellar EP called Say Hello, Wave Goobye.

In part to promote the album and in part to just make something really cool, the band got together with the Official Crown of Laurel to make some rad Junior Senior-themed hats! And we're giving a few away (pictures above and after the jump).

Just answer the below question in the comments (leaving a correct email address), write whether or not you'd like to receive periodical news about Official Crown of Laurel and/or Junior Senior (choosing not to receive news from Official Crown of Laurel and/or Junior Senior will not hurt your chances of winning), and we'll choose a winner at random this Friday!

What band were both Junior and Senior in before forming Junior Senior?

Junior Senior - Can I Get Get Get
Junior Senior vs. Lil' Jon - Can I Get Low

Also after the jump: more prizing details!
Prizing Details:

1 Custom made hat by Official Crown of Laurel
1 Junior Senior CD, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
1 Junior Senior Poster
1 yo-yo


Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
1) Hello
2) Hip Hop A Lula
3) Can I Get Get Get
4) Take My Time
5) Itch U Can't Skratch
6) We R The Handclaps
7) I Like Music (W.O.S.B.)
8) Ur A Girl
9) No No No's
10) Dance, Chance, Romance
11) Happy Rap

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
1) Stranded on an Island Alone
2) Together For One Last Dance
3) Headphone Song
4) I Can't Rap, I Can't Sing, But I Would Do Anything
5) Simple Minds Do Simple Things
6) Simple Minds Do Simple Things Part 2
7) U & Me
8) Bonus Track