I guarantee you've not heard anything quite like these Perth, Australia-based boys music. Okioki! is a truly bizarre and terribly hard-to-place trio that sounds all at once like Ratatat mixed with the pop sensibilities of the Strokes, all passed through a heavy 8-bit NES filter that completely polarizes the sound that would otherwise just be ... fun guitar pop! Nothin' wrong with that, although the sound that Okioki! has fostered is truly a unique one, and I'm glad they stuck to their guns and kept the quirk and kitsch despite their underlying catchiness!

Aside from the MySpace music and the two tracks I received, I know nothing about these three. I would imagine they've not even released anything, aside from maybe a tour CD-R or something. But hey, that genuine and sincere approach to making music is admirable, especially when the product is appealing and exciting! So until these dudes get signed to EMI or something, treasure the below two tracks ... a gem amongst a world of crap.
Okioki! - Pocoyo vs. the Incredible Machine
Okioki! - Defend the Gas Station