Sugar & Gold

For San Francisco, Sugar & Gold's music sounds precisely like what one would expect from the city, based upon the place's sort of ... funky and naturalistic mannerisms. However, for some reason, there aren't a whole lot of musicians playing music like this -- a meticulous and contagious blend of Kraftwerk-esque robotic, hypnotic rhythms, Funkadelic funk sensibilities, and sleazy R&B hooks scattered throughout -- from the Golden Gate City.

On top of the killer, sexy instrumentals, vocally, they're channeling Curtis Mayfield or something. The six-piece truly pulls influences from all over the place, but in a timeless and intriguing way that will either make you want to dance like you're Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or else just smoothly shake your hips and uh ... comb your sideburns?

Sugar & Gold will be in L.A. twice in September ... first at the Knitting Factory on September 6 and then at the quirky, off-beat Mr. T's Bowl on September 27, so be sure to catch 'em live if you can!

The album, Creme, is out now on Antenna Farm Records. Check out a few tracks below and on their MySpace page.
Sugar & Gold - Do It Well
Sugar & Gold - Neighborhood
Sugar & Gold - Workout


Anonymous said…
One of San Francisco's treasures! Got 2 see them live!