David Shrigley's Worried Noodles

It's finally happening, it's finally happening! The great people's poet/doodler extraordinaire/average man's philosopher David Shrigley's Worried Noodles album is finally coming to fruition! The D.S.-curated compilation -- which compliments the actual book -- is being released on October 23 on Tomlab.

But to ease the anxiety of waiting, Mr. Shrigley posted to videos on the Worried Noodles website today, one for the Grizly Bear track, the other for the Tussle one. In the following weeks, more will be put up.

The track Liars are contributing used to be available on their MySpace, but it seems to have gone missing ... you'll just have to wait unless you've already heard it!

You can view the two videos after the jump or here and here. Enjoy!