Miki Odagiri Tells Fables

Periodically, I am driven to check the spectacular, but teeny tiny NYC-based label, Music Related, and it's even smaller, digital-only imprint, Creation Centre.

This was the label that brought us the wonderful Shugo Tokumaru, the guys that opened our eyes to the splendid lo-fi, twee creations of international artists, the guys who you only hope the best for ...

Anyway, the latest Creation Centre release is Miki Odagiri's Fables. The three track EP is a more baroque and twee take on say ... Perfuse 73 or something. Looped synth lines, lopsided rhythms, and an underlying free-form style that works perfectly with Odagiri's more refined, sophisticated pop leanings and traditional Japanese style.

So definitely check the thing out ... you can download the EP in its entirety right here, grab the three tracks separately below, or read up more on here at her Creation Centre homepage. Good deal, eh?
Miki Odagiri - Vaporuing Rooms Right/Left
Miki Odagiri - Flowerless Island
Miki Odagiri - Hoarse Wind