I was fortunate enough to do a bit of an interview with the French Brodinski, Fluo Kids, and Yuksek when they passed through Los Angeles on their North American tour (quite a great tour, I might add). Yuksek recommended I listen to Alb, a sort of kraut-y, Stereolab-esque, French pop group which he worked extensively with in the studio, producing and whatnot.

The trio is part of the Rise Recordings crew (Klanguage, Yuksek, etc.), and they sound a solid part of that family. Really organic, natural prog-y sort of music that just chugs along in a mystifying way. There's an old-fashioned sort of production quality to it all as well, making the music all the more enchanting and awesome. This is the other side of French music that Ed Banger and Daft Punk have cast a shadow over.

Oh, and the debut LP, Mange-Disque, is housed in this gorgeous orange carrying case. Photos of that (and a music video) after the jump!
Alb - I Don't Need You
Alb - Sunday Morning