AVALON Revitalizes Escalator

Hands down, Escalator Records is my favorite Japanese label. The small Shibuya-based indie label, shop, cafe, and studio brought us Yukari Fresh, Miniflex, Cubismo Grafico, Neil & Iraiza, and many, many more. On top of that, I see them as one of the coolest Japanese taste-makers around ...

Lately, though, Escalator the label has plateaued (while the DJ events, parties, and store do better and better, no less). There've been few new signings and not many cool albums, EPs, or singles even by the older roster artists. Yukari Fresh seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and Miniflex might be overseas right now.

It's good, then, that Avalon popped up! The Tokyo quartet mixes the hooky dance beats, rhythms, and catchy melodies of Justice with more meticulously crafted pop, reminiscent of earlier Escalator releases. It's like a cleaned-up Ed Banger; a twee Daft Punk with baroque styling; a contagious yet less repetitive Teenage Bad Girl. You get the idea.

Check out a few songs below. The band just released an EP (the sixth of the Tate House series that Escalator curates), but I'm not sure you can buy it from the states. Always worth a try, though!
Avalon - Evil Loves Devil
Avalon - Avalonian's Shrine (Demo)