Division Day's "Reversible" Remixed

Division Day (MySpace) have already released their album, Beartrap Island, digitally, and are now prepping for the old school, hard-copy release (October 2).

I weirdly like this band. I don't generally like this vocal style, I don't usually like the sort of pop-punk throbbing bass line and speedy drumming that the group uses, I don't generally like most of the L.A. quartet's characteristics. But for some reason, I'm down with Division Day. Maybe it's the "Enjoy the Silence" cover, maybe it's surprises that they throw at you ("Colorguard" was an unexpected treat as was "Taptap Clickclick," a sort of CYHSY-inspired pop tune), maybe it's the sweet remixes ... I don't know. Division Day's X Factor is very compelling to me, and I'm glad I gave them a listen.

Pick up the album from Eenie Meenie when it hits stores and download this week's stellar remix of "Reversible." Smart dudes.

Division Day - Reversible (Ginormous Remix)

Division Day - Tigers


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