Boredoms Plan World Domination

If only I'd been able to travel from one coast to the other to see Boredoms' instantly-legendary drum circle performance, 77 Boadrum. But alas, I didn't even RSVP, making my late attendance, had the opportunity arisen, completely pointless (no negotiating in line, apparently, if you'd not RSVP'd).

After the teasing that Pitchfork gave us by posting clips of the event, and hearing plenty of mind-boggling renditions of the famed jam-session, though, Viva Radio has finally put a lengthier segment up online, a sort of documentary surrounding the event: the lead-up, the tension, the excitement, and the eventual explosion of energy, creativity, and blasting drums. If Glenn Branca's guitar symphonies were the loudest and biggest you thought you could go, think again. While the small digital file doesn't convey even a fraction of the event's grandeur, I'm sure some HDVD (or is it Blu-Ray that won?) will be released in the future. Enjoy!