Named after the small Wyoming city (?), Cheyenne (MySpace) is the hot new power-pop band whose bandwagon you should now board. The Brooklyn-based five-piece fills the gapping hole that Grandaddy's breakup left behind, proves that pop can indeed incorporate some elements of country into it and not sound cheesy or bland, and just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

These guys are a lot of fun ... a gem in a big heaping pile of junk, to say the least. The band originated in the mid-West, a characteristic that shines through pretty brightly in most of their songs. There's a crispness and a cleanness to these songs that's unlike others from middle America, something they must've picked up in NYC, but it's all offset by endearing hooks, sincere lyrics, fun and loose bass lines and catchy melodies.

Check out "The Whale" below, and buy The Land Rush here!

Cheyenne - The Whale