Brad Laner

Brad Laner (MySpace) is one of those guys who everyone knows, but not necessarily by name. The jack of all trades is most famous for the time he spent in Savage Republic, a sort of post-rock/drone-rock forerunner, and for his two [super-prolific!] brainchildren, Medicine and Electric Company.

Now, he's supporting his first solo LP, Neighbor Singing, an effort to "shamelessly utilize all of the different skills that [Brad] built up over a lifetime of musical experiences," and that's approximately how it plays! The album, to be released on Hometapes on November 6, is an amalgamation of psychedelica, straight-up rock, funky dance-y tunes, shoegaze-y mope fests, and too many more style to name or even notice on first count!

Check out one of the songs, "June Gloom," below ... but it's really a crime to only hear one twelfth of the album, so be sure to pick the thing up when it's out this fall!
Brad Laner - June Gloom