Iceland Airwaves Eruption: Seabear

One of the more notorious acts out of Iceland at present is Seabear (MySpace), a folksy singer/songwriter based out of Reykjavik (but who isn't!?) who is signed to the wonderful Berlin Morr Music.

While I'm sure quite a few -- if not all -- of you have heard of Seabear and are familiar with their stuff, they've got a new track out, "I Sing I Swim," and it's delightful and they're also playing at the Iceland Airwaves festival.
The song is one of my favorite Seabear songs. No, my favorite song I've heard. It's got more energy to it than his other stuff; it's less restrained and more "true" sounding. Seabear's singer flaunts his vocal shortcomings and lo-fi leanings, and that's one sure way to any music lover's heart, I'd say. I'm curious to see what Seabear's got up their sleeve, but for now, just relax and sit back to this one ...

Seabear - I Sing I Swim