Stabwounds!!, "Rainbows & Teddy Bears"

I'm not especially familiar with Brooklyn's Stabwounds!!, but know that they (a) have done a lot of remixes, (b) haven't released much in terms of original material, and (c) have a great, bass-heavy yet smooth, sensual sound that's all but disappeared from the electronic dance scene at large. These two seem ... classy.

Anyway, Stabwounds!! has some new stuff out and it's actually by them! The track's called "Rainbows & Teddby Bears" and is "dark, weird and bouncy," as the pair describe it. It is weird and definitely bouncy enough to keep a rager going or get something heavy started up. Sort of loopy, off-kilter ... like a club track from Bizarro World or something.

The Rainbows & Teddy Bears EP features the original cut as well as three remixes, one of which (Pink Skull's) is below. The whole package rocks, guys.

Stabwounds!! - Rainbows & Teddy Bears

Stabwounds!! - Rainbows & Teddy Bears (Pink Skull Remix)

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