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I loved 24 Hours Party People, so I am very happy to hear that the Ian Curtis biopic is going to come out! The name will probably be These Days, and it is based off of the biography (Touching From A Distance) that Deborah Curtis (Ian's wife) wrote.
Now, there are two problems with this ...
First off (an I am not toor worried about this ... ), the movie might not work that well since JD has been written about and talked about and rereleased and rediscovered since the day Curtis died to no end. Maybe I am just being too skeptical ...

Secondly, I am a little scared about the casting of Jude Law. I like Jude, but I am not convinced that he would be able to play the depressed Curtis well. Hey -- maybe I'm wrong ... he did a good job in Cold Mountain, and I assumed that he wouldn't be up for that either!
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